We work with Tuomo Äkkinen and Ville Kivioja (University of Jyväskylä) on the Mathematical Education project Signs of Mathematics.

The main goals of Signs of Mathematics are to make accessible to the public some modern aspects of mathematical research and to build bridges between the university, schools, and society via a wider understanding of mathematics.

Past activities

Jyväskylä Researchers' Night  

in the framework of European Resarchers' Night

Together with Ville Kivioja and Terhi Moisala, we presented some features of the Galton Board (see a video, 2017). In 2018, we innaugurated the first part of a Maths&Sciences exhibition in Jyväskylä (Signs of Mathematics).


Effetto Farfalla  

(in english: Butterfly Effect)
in collaboration with La Limonaia (Pisa)

Exhibition and talk about Chaos Theory and Dynamical Systems.
Presented in several places, including the Festival della Scienza
di Genova
(2012) and La Limonaia Pisa (April, 2012).

Un Promenade en Mecanique Quantique  

(in english: A walk tour around Quantum Mechanics)
in collaboration with CCSTI (Lyon)

Together with (the amazing) Audrey Savre, we lead a Outreach project around Quantum Mecanics.
This project was part of the "Faites Tourner la Science" and "Fete de la Science" (2010) in Lyon.




University of São Paulo

As an undergraduate student, Augusto Gerolin (AG) took part as a tutor in the great Matemateca.
Matemateca was idealized by Eduardo Colli (University of São Paulo) and nowadays has a lot of collaborators. See some pictures and visit the official website (in portuguese). 

A Janela de Euclides - Leonard Mlodinow

(book, original title: Euclid's Window)

AG was the proofreading of the portuguese translation of the beautiful and delighting book  Euclid's Windows: The Story of Geometry from Parallel Lines to Hyperspace, written by Leonard Mlodinow and published by Geração Editorial.

See all books and movies made by Leonard Mlodinow.